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I'm Rosalie Hale (no, you CAN'T call me Rose) and this is my ask blog. Here you can ask me the questions you've always wanted to know. Honestly, the only reason I'm interacting in any way with you humans is because Emmett asked me to be nicer to people and this is the best I can do. Also Renesmee has been at me to make one for ages and she won't give up until she gets her way.
sarahjenzman said: What would you do/ what would your feelings be if Renesmee told you that her and Jacob were engaged?

I would be…happy that my niece is happy. But as for the dog, I would still want to skin him alive for taking my one and only niece. 

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Anonymous said: emmetts face dimpols ?

He has dimples…but I am not saying where.

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Anonymous said: how was your week?

Normal and fun.

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Anonymous said: How was your relashionship with Edward, and the rest of the cullens when you first met them... who told you their story first, how did you react?

Well, I was not very happy with being changed into a vampire, so I was not exactly warm with them with I first met them. As for Edward, we both have the same strong heads and so we clash often and still do. With the stories, Esme told me first and it was her that brought it out of me, how similar we were, how we lost our lives to the men who promised to love us and never harm us.

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Anonymous said: Is Carisle a gentleman to everyone? do you think he is a good husband?

From my point of view yes, he is a real gentleman. As for husband, he makes Esme happy and it is hard to say because the way I see it, Emmett is the greatest husband in the universe.

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Anonymous said: pick the order from worst to least : Jacob, Seth, Leah,

Leah, Jacob, Seth.

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Anonymous said: Cure 4 bordom? Rose. he he he : P

I will give it to you if you have the universal cute for cancer. 

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Anonymous said: Any thoughts on how Stephanie Meyer knows Bella's and Edward's story?

I don’t know who she is and the chance that she knows every detail about my brother and sister in laws “story” is pretty damn slim.

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Anonymous said: Rosalie I like the dress you wore for prom it really suits you. :)

I never went to prom…

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Anonymous said: hey rosalie do you have any hairstyle tips for medium blonde hair that is layered like how do you do your newborn training hairstyle?

How you know how I wore my hair kind of scares me. But I just braided two sides back and then braided one big one down the back. Very simple.

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